Ferrari sticky parts refinishing pricing
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Colored parts will require additional time and will be an additional cost. Please inquire to the cost before sending parts.

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Payment Details

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QTYDescriptionPriceQTY Sent
 Air Sensor Grate $40
 Auto Park Buttons and Trim
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 Button Trim (single or double) $30
 Corner Dash Vents (price includes 2) $80
 Dome Assembly w/buttons $250
 Door Pockets (price includes 2) $150
 Headlight High Beam/Wiper Paddles (price includes 2)
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 Headlight Knob and Trim
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 HVAC Panel
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 HVAC Surround $150
 Lower Central Cover $70
 Main/Menu/Back Buttons and Trim
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 Main/VDA Buttons and Trim
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 Mirror Switch
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 Rearview Mirror NOTE: MUST be disassembled prior to shipping - do not send complete
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 Round/Square/Misc Small Buttons (each)
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 Seatside Frames (Bare) (price includes 2) $100
 Seatside Frames (Loaded) (price includes 2) $300
 Speedo/Tach Surround $400
 Steering Column Surround $300
 Steering Column Tilt Switch $80
 Steering Wheel Cover Trim $80
 Trunk/Gas Buttons and Trim $120
 Turn Signal Paddles (price includes 2)
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 Upper Center Dash Cover $80
Please note: this printed form is intended to help with packing/inventory and is NOT an order form. Please submit a form electronically to SNM.


The posted prices on all refinishing reflect a 4% cash/check discount. This discount is not valid for credit card payments. Your invoice will reflect an additional 4% charge to the total cost for credit card payments.

All shipments must include complete contact information for proper processing. Incomplete information may result in delayed order processing.

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IMPORTANT! Additional fees will apply if parts are not dissembled prior to sending to Sticky No More for refinishing. Please fully disassemble all parts and remove all electronics. If disassembly is required, Stickynomore is not liable for any parts that do not work properly, sticking buttons, electronics that do not work properly, broken tabs, clips, etc.


I can not recommend your work more highly, and I consider myself to be extremely picky. The refinish quality, surface texture and color-match are perfect. Considering that these are very expensive to replace, highly visible parts, your refinishing costs are beyond reasonable. I can't thank you enough for my "new" interior.
Scott A. Whitaker, M.D., Ph.D., J.D.
San Antonio, TX